How To Saving on calls and cash when traveling abroad

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Saving on calls and cash when traveling abroad - Prior to a trip abroad, most likely you will research for the best deals for your hotels and flights. Now, the last thing you want to do is blow all your savings because you misused your phone and credit card while on a holiday.

How To Saving on calls and cash when traveling abroad, traveling budgets,Image source: (Porapak Apichodilok)

Here are some tips to make sure you do things right:

Contact your bank

You need to let your bank know that you are going out of the country and you will be using your card. Your bank monitors unusual charges because of the prevalence of fraudulent activities. Call your bank so your account will not be barred or frozen. It will be a big hassle when you cannot pay for your dinner, right?

Withdraw form an ATM

As much as you do not want to use cash, you cannot just avoid it when abroad. Instead of throwing away your hard earned cash on money changers, you might as well get what you need from an ATM. You will shoulder some for fees but they can still be a lot cheaper, allowing you to stretch your budget a bit more.

No-fee card

Use your card as much as possible but make sure you get a fee free credit card first. Foreign transaction fees can be shocking so get a card from banks that do not charge for such transactions.

Use free Wi-Fi

Another shocker for most travelers is the monstrous phone bill when coming home from a trip abroad. This is primarily due to roaming fees and data charges. As much as possible use free WiFi at the hotel or cafes. Or if you do not have access to such, make sure you do not transmit big files like images, those can wait until you get back to the hotel.

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